Friday, 19 October 2018

Role A Story

In Room 25 we've been learning to understand the structure of a narrative by rolling a dice to write a story here's a example:  If you role number five you right about a handsome night.

                                       here's what I rolled:

Character:  A handsome night

Setting:  In a dark forest

Problem: was chased by a tornado


The clock struck 12 as the moon darkened with gloom and shadows, the air was jammed packed with nothing but gloomy mist and fog, you felt nothing but chill billow your feet.

 Suddenly a handsome knight dashed through the forest like a hawk passing through the wind. As the night dashed through the wind he took back his words in regret of going to complete his quest to defeat his forceful enemy. On the outside he was courageous but in the inside he new he wasn't, but he had his chin up and continued on with his quest.

 He past many dangerous including mythical creatures, he stop to catch his breath. He sat down on a rock and glared at a rather mysterious and unusual object that seemed grow be growing bigger and bigger every second he reached his arm to grab it but it transformed into a spinning tornado, it crept on twirling the courageous night had no idea what to do but it was already to late, the ground started to rumble as the wind was spinning in every direction and wouldn't stop the night gave up his mission and sprinted away in disbelief.