Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Signing of this year

It is exiting but also sad to move class and see all the year sixes go but it is good to remember a great and exiting year In year five. And its important to  r ember all  of the exiting and new experiences of this. Here are some of the new experiences and exiting moments of this year.


Kaori big splash.

Filming with Mrs Bennet.

 And even more that I couldn't of fit in. So these where my top there favourite things of this term that I can r ember


Monday, 10 December 2018

Making waves at Kauri big splash

Last week on Friday we had a very exiting day because we did Kauri big splash. We had a lot of fun winning the competitive races and winning a few fun races to:

We came third in the clothes race, we came first in boys freestyle we came second and third in the boys backstroke, we came first in the class relay and that is not even all of it we won so much more. But in the end its not all about winning its about fun. Here are the races I did:

Boys backstroke.

Flutter board.

Class relay.

                                                     Here are some pictures of the races: