Friday, 23 November 2018

My class journal

Room 25 have been making our very own class journals. Digby, Marley, Devon and me have been making our class journals as a team. We put lots of our favourite work of 2018 all together in google slides. Here is a list of all the work we put together: We put a contents page, we put turtle facts, We put  our what am I d.l.o.'s , we put our fish animation, we put our speeches, we put a credits page and even put thanks for reading slide at the end.

                                                       Here is our class journal:



  1. Kia ora!
    Eliza here from room 7, I really like the sharks! They were very funny! ;D. Have you ever thought of changing the fronts?
    Thx (Thanks) for sharing your learning with me! You should check out my blog (

    Blog you later, alligator,

    1. Hi Eliza I'am Elio the owner of the blog, and I'm glad you have commented on my blog and have given me good advice on what to do next. I will make sure to change the font. Blog ya later. Elio

  2. Hi Elio
    Its Tuki from Room 8 here, I really like the gifs you put in especially the dancing shark.
    Next time you should try making the font bigger.

    Blog Ya Later

  3. Thank you for the comment and good advice Tuki, I'm Elio from room 25 I am the owner of the blog and I'm glad you like my blog post about my learning journal. I will make sure to make the font bigger next time. Blog ya later. Elio